Why Kegel Is Good For Men

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Kegel exercises, or sometimes called pelvic floor muscle exercises, are originally thought only to be done by women. However, it is a known fact that it can actually benefit both sexes. In this article, I will go over the reasons why men should start doing Kegel exercises today.

Can Help Fight ED and PE

Men are highly susceptible to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation- two causes of depressed men since these conditions hinder them from lasting longer in bed. In most cases, men who suffer from these can only last anywhere between 2-5 minutes, which is significantly short for women, on average.

Some men resort to drinking male enhancement supplements to cope, but that would mean that they have to spend money on that. The good thing about Kegel exercises is that they do not require any special equipment whatsoever. All you really need to do is locate and strengthen one particular muscle: The Pubococcygeus Muscle or the PC muscle for short.

There are numerous studies that suggest that Kegel exercises can really help men. For instance, the study that was done by physiotherapists from James Cook University has revealed that by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises, that they can have a profound impact on the treatment of sexual dysfunctions that plague men all over the world.

Studies from all over the world have revealed that men who do Kegel exercises have treated their erectile dysfunction by as much as 47%. Studies have also revealed that 83% of the men in such studies have reported having cured their premature ejaculation just by doing a couple of pelvic floor muscle exercises a day.

According to Chris Myers who is a physiotherapy lecturer, people who suffer from premature ejaculation, for example, are known to have weak pelvic floor muscles. So, it just makes sense that strengthening their PC muscles can instantly help them fix the problem.
The good thing about Kegel exercises is that it is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that you are not going to be sticking needles into your body or worse, requiring surgery. You also do not need to spend money since you will not need any special equipment nor medicine to do the exercise.

Myers did emphasize that if you are suffering from ED, PE, or both, that you have to consult with your doctor as these conditions are likely precursors to other, more severe medical conditions.
For example, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than those who don’t. I mean, it just makes sense considering that heart diseases contribute to the less effective dissemination and pumping of the blood towards the different parts of the body.

How to Perform Kegel?

Performing Kegel exercise is easy. You just have to locate your PC muscles by putting a finger in the area between your balls and your anus and then start urinating. Stop the process midstream and the muscle that moves where you put your fingers at are the muscles that you want to strengthen.

To help make your PC muscles stronger, all you have to do is concentrate your focus on that particular muscle and flex it. You ‘flex’ it by squeezing and holding for a couple of seconds the muscle in question. Do this for 3 sets and 10 repetitions each, every single day.

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