Watch Shopping 101: FAQs on Automatic Watches

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What exactly is an automatic watch?

An automatic timepiece is a timepiece that continues to function because of the motion of the person wearing the watch. If worn every day, automatic watches don’t need winding. Energy is stored with the help of a rotor, or half-disc metal weight. It spins each time the arm is moved. The energy stored can keep an unworn automatic watch to run for 24 to 28 hours.

Can you wound an automatic watch too tightly?

You can wear it all the time. It will never break. Even if you wear it every night and day, there is no way it can be over-wound.

What happens if it runs out of power?

An automatic watch that is not worn in the past 24 to 48 hours would likely stop running. An idle automatic timepiece can be wound in 30 rotations. That is enough to restore its energy. Even just two turns in the watch crown can get it started again.

Is it different from a wind-up timepiece?

There are tons of women’s and men’s automatic watches in Malaysia, and they are similar to the traditional wind-up timepieces. The only difference is that a traditional manual watch must be wound daily. Do you know that automatic watches utilize the same technology and parts as mechanical watches? Though, they are wound automatically with the help of the wearer’s energy.

How accurate is an automatic timepiece?

A quality automatic mechanical timepiece is fairly accurate. However, keep in mind that every watch is different. You should get to know your watch more, and check how accurate it is.

What is special about an automatic timepiece?

After the quartz movement of the 1970s, men’s and women’s watches with quality mechanical craftsmanship made a real comeback during the 1990s. A lot of watch wearers and collectors recognized the pleasure and benefits of having a mechanical gadget as part of their everyday routine. Traditional timepieces also provide a genuine aesthetic value that is hard to replace with battery-operated ones.

Are automatic watches expensive?

It’s true that automatic watches can be expensive. Several luxury timepieces provide a vast range of automatic timepieces which are meant to be heirloom watches. They get to retain their value since they are interesting and well-made.

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