Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Wearing a Watch


The allure of traditional watches has certainly died down in recent years, thanks (or no thanks) to the advent of modern technology, more specifically about smartphones and smartwatches.

While some people are wearing smartwatches (though technically a watch, it doesn’t have the same allure to that of an automatic watch), there are some benefits to wearing traditional timepieces still.

Today, I am going to talk about the top reasons why you should consider wearing a watch even in this day and age.

It Can Project an Image of a Successful Person

Traditional watches have come a really long way. From mere accessories that were only built for ladies, watches can now be worn by men with pride. In fact, if you are wearing one, it projects an image of a successful person. Now, why is that?

Well, a successful person always values their time and others’. A successful person is never late and is always prompt in his meetings and activities.

Wearing one is a symbol of a punctual person and one that is highly regarded by their peers.

It Can Protect You

This might be something weird to say but watches can actually protect you. That is because although thieves can spot a luxury watch from a mile away, they are more likely to steal only those things that can easily be snatched. This is precisely the reason why smartphones are easy to steal.

That being said, since a watch is perfectly attached to your wrist, it is less likely for thieves to steal the item away from you.

Turns You into a Classy Fellow

One of the things that makes me irate in this day and age is that millennials would often leave their smartphones on the table as if to say that the table is already reserved for them. That is not only rude but it certainly tells other people that you do not have manners.

It is highly unlikely for people to just leave their watches on the table, let alone leave it at all. Not only that but a watch can turn you into a classy fellow; both in looks and in demeanor.

Shows People that You Are Organized

Did you know that wearing a timepiece can actually tell people that you are more organized than others? That’s right! Since you are wearing a device that can easily tell you the time, it signals to other people that you are wary of your time and others’. That is why if you want to leave a good impression, always be wearing one.

An Icon of Expression

Women have this luxury where they can safely wear whatever accessories that they want to wear and they can get away with it (as it is socially acceptable).

For men, the only acceptable accessory that they can wear is a watch. Fortunately, the said timepiece can actually be an icon of your expression.

There is a reason why so many different kinds of watches are sold on the market and that is to satisfy the personality and style of the one who is going to wear them.

Pamela Stevens

The author Pamela Stevens