The Worst and Best Bets

The Worst and Best Bets

The Worst and Best Bets in the Casinos

So, what do we mean by “worse bets?” Others would say it’s Keno. Some would say it’s mini-baccarat. Many would say that the worst bets in casino history can be found in a game of Sic Bo. This is where a house edge can soar to the 40% range. Bad bets come in various forms, and it’s best to always avoid them. Here is a list you can scan if you want to learn more about this before you simply trying out your luck at online casino Malaysia. Worst bets first!

Top 10 Worst Bets

1. Baccarat – Tie Bet

Bacarrat tie bet usually involves a 14% house edge. This game is slow, compared to the traditional baccarat at the high roller rooms. However, its game speed is fast.

2. Craps – 2 and 12

Boxcars (12) and snake eyes (2) involves house edges at 13.89%. These are considered one-roll bets for unwise and the unwary craps players.

3. Craps – Whirl or World

This is a one-roll, multiple number bet. It has a house edge of 13.33%. Avoid this one.

4. Craps – The Horn

The Horn is another one-roll, multiple number bet. It’s house edge is at 12.5%.

5. Any Craps Game – Hard 4 and Hard 10; 3 and 11

These bets must hold zero interest for you. Making them on every roll can around to $11.11 for every $100 wagered.

6. 5-Cent Slot Machines

The non-progressive, low denomination slot machines also involve high house edges. It is around 10% to 12%.

7. Craps – Hard 8 and Hard 6

These bets are undeniably bad—it has a house edge of 9.09%.

8. Keno

This is most probably one of the worst bets you can find in many casinos.

9. Craps – Any Seven

Any seven is a one-roll bet with a house edge of 16.67%.

10. Progressive Slot Machines

Huge multi-million dollar jackpots are definitely tempting. However, progressive games are the worst machines inside the casino, regardless of what its denomination is.

The 10 Best Bets

1. Basic Strategy – Blackjack Pays 6 to 5 for Natural

This specific game is 3 times worse than the traditional blackjack. Why? Well, this game pays only around $12 to $10 for one blackjack round.

2. Craps – Place the 8 or 6

This specific bet should be made in $6 multiples.

3. Basic Strategy – Spanish 21

In this blackjack variation, 10-spot cards are eliminated. However, there are many special awards for many premium hands established into the rules.

4. Three Card Poker

Under this, there are 2 games in 1. The main game of the wager and ante has an estimated 2% house edge. On the other hand, the secondary game acknowledged as Pair Plus, includes a 2.3% house edge.

5. Craps – Lay the 10 and 4

Under this, you are betting that the 7 can appear before the 10 or 4.

6. Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud Poker

If you play well, it’s house edge is around 2.5%.

7. Craps – The Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come with Odds

Many American casinos in are still providing craps games with 5X, 10X, 100X and 30X odds. Under this, the house edge involves a small percent, only if you use the small bets.

8. Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack is a considered as a moderately quick game. However, with a very low house edge, you can still win good money with a good shot.

9. Baccarat – The Bank Bet

Its house edge is at 1.06%.

10. Baccarat – The Player Bet

Its house edge is a mere 1.24%.

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