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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Wearing a Watch


The allure of traditional watches has certainly died down in recent years, thanks (or no thanks) to the advent of modern technology, more specifically about smartphones and smartwatches.

While some people are wearing smartwatches (though technically a watch, it doesn’t have the same allure to that of an automatic watch), there are some benefits to wearing traditional timepieces still.

Today, I am going to talk about the top reasons why you should consider wearing a watch even in this day and age.

It Can Project an Image of a Successful Person

Traditional watches have come a really long way. From mere accessories that were only built for ladies, watches can now be worn by men with pride. In fact, if you are wearing one, it projects an image of a successful person. Now, why is that?

Well, a successful person always values their time and others’. A successful person is never late and is always prompt in his meetings and activities.

Wearing one is a symbol of a punctual person and one that is highly regarded by their peers.

It Can Protect You

This might be something weird to say but watches can actually protect you. That is because although thieves can spot a luxury watch from a mile away, they are more likely to steal only those things that can easily be snatched. This is precisely the reason why smartphones are easy to steal.

That being said, since a watch is perfectly attached to your wrist, it is less likely for thieves to steal the item away from you.

Turns You into a Classy Fellow

One of the things that makes me irate in this day and age is that millennials would often leave their smartphones on the table as if to say that the table is already reserved for them. That is not only rude but it certainly tells other people that you do not have manners.

It is highly unlikely for people to just leave their watches on the table, let alone leave it at all. Not only that but a watch can turn you into a classy fellow; both in looks and in demeanor.

Shows People that You Are Organized

Did you know that wearing a timepiece can actually tell people that you are more organized than others? That’s right! Since you are wearing a device that can easily tell you the time, it signals to other people that you are wary of your time and others’. That is why if you want to leave a good impression, always be wearing one.

An Icon of Expression

Women have this luxury where they can safely wear whatever accessories that they want to wear and they can get away with it (as it is socially acceptable).

For men, the only acceptable accessory that they can wear is a watch. Fortunately, the said timepiece can actually be an icon of your expression.

There is a reason why so many different kinds of watches are sold on the market and that is to satisfy the personality and style of the one who is going to wear them.

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Watch Shopping 101: FAQs on Automatic Watches

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What exactly is an automatic watch?

An automatic timepiece is a timepiece that continues to function because of the motion of the person wearing the watch. If worn every day, automatic watches don’t need winding. Energy is stored with the help of a rotor, or half-disc metal weight. It spins each time the arm is moved. The energy stored can keep an unworn automatic watch to run for 24 to 28 hours.

Can you wound an automatic watch too tightly?

You can wear it all the time. It will never break. Even if you wear it every night and day, there is no way it can be over-wound.

What happens if it runs out of power?

An automatic watch that is not worn in the past 24 to 48 hours would likely stop running. An idle automatic timepiece can be wound in 30 rotations. That is enough to restore its energy. Even just two turns in the watch crown can get it started again.

Is it different from a wind-up timepiece?

There are tons of women’s and men’s automatic watches in Malaysia, and they are similar to the traditional wind-up timepieces. The only difference is that a traditional manual watch must be wound daily. Do you know that automatic watches utilize the same technology and parts as mechanical watches? Though, they are wound automatically with the help of the wearer’s energy.

How accurate is an automatic timepiece?

A quality automatic mechanical timepiece is fairly accurate. However, keep in mind that every watch is different. You should get to know your watch more, and check how accurate it is.

What is special about an automatic timepiece?

After the quartz movement of the 1970s, men’s and women’s watches with quality mechanical craftsmanship made a real comeback during the 1990s. A lot of watch wearers and collectors recognized the pleasure and benefits of having a mechanical gadget as part of their everyday routine. Traditional timepieces also provide a genuine aesthetic value that is hard to replace with battery-operated ones.

Are automatic watches expensive?

It’s true that automatic watches can be expensive. Several luxury timepieces provide a vast range of automatic timepieces which are meant to be heirloom watches. They get to retain their value since they are interesting and well-made.

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How to Choose the Best Dress Watch for Men

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Are you looking for a new dress watch? There are plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia you can choose from. Since tons of brands offer quality dress watches, expect watch shopping to be stressful and overwhelming. Below are 4 important things you must take note of in buying the perfect dress timepiece.

1. Watch Movement

Consider a dress watch as a good investment. The best option for this is still Swiss watch movements. If you don’t mind having a thorough watch maintenance routine, buy a Swiss-made mechanical watch. Considering the level of craftsmanship and premium materials used, this is a good investment you would want to have. Quartz movements are not poor choices, though!

Quartz timepieces are reliable and more affordable.

2. Watch Dial

You don’t need a timepiece with a chronograph function or huge diamonds to impress your colleagues. There is no need to invest on a watch with impressive features that you wouldn’t be able to use in the long run.

A dress watch is something that is won on formal occasions and other special events. Therefore, simplicity is your number one priority. You just need a classy accessories that tells time. Go for a dress watch with a minimalist appearance, and round dial shape.

Go for a black or white dial. This style can go with any outfit. If you want, you can also go with colored dials. If you do it right, it can add more flavor to your outfits.

3. Watch Case

Your dress watch’s case must be soft around its dial edge, with some little details. That way, it can serve some subtle elegance. In addition to this, it’s crucial to select a watch case type that matches your overall outfit.

If your watch case is made of white gold, platinum or steel, you can combine with accessories and clothes with black, blue and grey shades. On the other hand, if it is gold plated, it must go with earthy tones.

4. Watch Strap

There are tons of watch strap variations out there. Though, the best choice for a dress watch is a leather strap. It will not only look good, it will also feel comfortable on your wrist.

For many men, having a dress watch with interchangeable straps is a number one option. Based on your clothes for the day, you can easily change strap colors and types.

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A Watch Buying Guide for Beginners

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There are many advantages to wearing a watch than relying on your phone to tell the time. For one, it not only acts as a timekeeping piece but it also compliments what you are wearing as well. Two, it is discreet, so you won’t disturb anyone if you just glance at your wrist to know what time it is. That and a whole lot more are the reasons why you should still wear a wristwatch to this day.

So, you decide to buy a watch for your own and you go to the watch store only to be bombarded with a lot of different watches. From automatic watches to sports watches and those that have simpler designs, a neophyte watch owner may not be able to make a decision as to which one to choose.

If you do not know which one is best for you, read further to know more about how to choose the right watch for you.

When Choosing a Watch

There are plenty of different watches out there. There are those that have a simple design, there are those with different watch complications or features that are embedded over its simple timekeeping piece, and there are also those that are fit for a specific gender.

But, as the lines are getting blurred when it comes to gender-appropriate watches, more and more people are buying them based on how they look. For instance, some women are now wearing oversized watches and some men prefer those that have a relatively smaller display compared to what men are usually wearing.

Because you can easily get bombarded with a lot of different options, the best way for you to choose a watch would be to satisfy a certain set of needs. Are you buying a watch to help compliment what you are wearing? Are you buying one for a specific use-case such as diving, racing, running, etc.? Do you prefer certain types of materials, such as a leather watch strap or a metallic wrist band?

Answering these questions would immediately narrow down your options to a considerable degree. Of course, with all of those things being considered, you also have to factor in the price as well.

Different Types

To help you make a decision about what type of watch to buy, I am going to outline some of the most popular types that you can find on the market today.

1. Dive watch

A popular ‘tool’ watch, the dive (or divers) watch is a timepiece that is quite important for divers. This is to help them know how much time they’ve spent underwater and the watch itself is made to withstand the great depths of the ocean.

Its main feature is a rotating bezel that divers can manipulate to help them discern how much time they are submerged and when it is time for them to move back up to the surface.

Although it is a watch that is mostly preferred by divers, some divers watches are made in such a way that it looks dashing even if you are wearing a formal suit. Take a look at the Rolex Submariner, for example.

2. Field Watch

The field watch is a sturdy watch that was invented during the first world war. Soldiers mainly used a pocket watch to tell the time but because of the harsh conditions of the battlefield, using such a timepiece is not only cumbersome but also impractical as well.

So, members of the army had to create makeshift lugs to help keep the pocket watch strapped on their wrists. After the war has ended, these soldiers would keep wearing their customized pocket watches and watchmaking companies took it as inspiration to create field watches.

These watches are durable and are perfect for people who live a more rugged lifestyle. They usually come in analog watch designs and are water-resistant. They either come in NATO straps but there are also other watch straps that you can use as well.

3. Dress Watch

A dress watch is specifically made for more formal events. They are usually subdued in its design and they usually do not have watch complications that you can see on other types of watches.

A dress watch like the Cartier Tank, for example, is a great display of social status and wealth. Not to mention, it is a great accessory to have if you frequently go to galas and business meetings.

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This is the Reason Why People Purchase Watches

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Are you thinking of getting an expensive watch? An automatic watch in Malaysia would be an interesting purchase. Before investing on a costly piece, ask yourself first why you need one. There can be tons of reasons.

Some people are looking for heirloom watches to pass down to their children and grandchildren. Others want a timepiece that they can wear every single day. How about you?The top reason why you want to get a watch is because you just like it, and love how it looks amazing on your wrist. Am I right?

Why do you need to get a watch?

Watches have already become a representation of wealth, most especially in pop culture. Rolex is one of the most popular watch brands, and has long been associated with success and exclusiveness.

Many people today purchase watches because they are beautiful wearable art pieces. If you are looking for a timepiece that you can wear for many years to come, you may want to settle with mechanical and automatic watches. They are more complex complicated compared to the standard jewelry

While you are not required to understand complex horology concepts to appreciate a watch’s beauty, knowing the history behind their significance and development is definitely a plus. Every detail, together with a nice strap and steel bracelet makes up a unique piece.

Are wrist watches becoming obsolete?

Some professions require convenient access to timekeeping devices. For many people, a computer and smartphone are now the go-to options. However, there are some scenarios and exceptions where they impossible to utilize, like divers going underwater. These are only exceptions, though. For those who are beyond this niche needs, watches may appear outdated, but certainly not obsolete. Timepieces still carry their functions.

The legacy effect is one reason why many people love timepieces, and are willing invest on getting valuable models. They think that there are good investments, since their value can increase over time.

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Used Omega Watches: Tips on Buying One


Acquiring another watch from Omega can cost you somewhere in the range of $3,000 to $15,000 in the present market. While those costs are available for a little level of the populace, they aren’t for general others.

Thus, gatherers regularly purchase utilized watches. This training brings down their expenses considerably, while simultaneously giving them a timepiece that is just as great as another one.

Tragically, doing so accompanies a touch of hazard, as obtaining a mechanical watch is less solid than fresh out of the plastic new. I offer a few hints on purchasing utilized Omega watches in the segment’s underneath.

1.Utilized Omega Watches: Understand What Makes a Seller Risky

The greatest mix-up you can make is picking an inappropriate merchant. These individuals can trick you in two different ways:

1.Not Delivering –

In the principal model, the vendor you pick doesn’t send you a watch by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless of whether it be on eBay or through an unestablished site, this individual will take your cash and never convey your Omega. This result is moderately extraordinary.

2. Under Delivering –

Our subsequent model is substantially more pervasive. It is under conveying, which every now and again happens when the watch you get doesn’t coordinate the site’s photographs and depiction.

When picking a merchant, take a gander at deals history, photos of the item, and how clean the site looks. On the off chance that they have no reputation, foggy photographs, or an inadequately built site, at that point, it is ideal to discover another person.

Pick a Reputable Dealer

Locate a trustworthy seller like! Coming up next are a couple of signs of a dependable dealer.

1. Professional Website –

Though looks can be deluding, having a stylishly satisfying and practical site is constantly a positive sign.

2. Good Looking Pictures –

Blurry photographs or ones that don’t coordinate the watch you need are both negative markers. Pick a dealer with excellent pictures.

3. Customer Support –

The best merchants on the web have client assistance that you can talk with or email whenever.

4. Content –

When somebody is a con artist, they by and large don’t invest a ton of energy into their site. Having blog entries, YouTube recordings, or online networking records is an indication of authenticity.

Keep in mind the Cost of Service

Now, you’ve chosen a trustworthy dealer and the time has come to purchase your Omega watch. One thing that you need to recall is the amount it will cost to support your new timepiece.

Most makers suggest bringing their items into a specialist at regular intervals. Each time that will run you a couple of hundred dollars, so make certain to take note of that when taking a gander at your monetary circumstance.

Another issue you frequently keep running into watches requiring adjusting immediately, as they are over 5 years of age and maybe have not had the administration they need. This will add to your price tag since you should go through some measure of cash immediately.

1.Utilized Omega Watches: Look for Dents and Scratches

When you purchase another watch, you never need to consider its state. Apparently, it has never been worn, so there ought not to be any harm. Utilized Omega watches are unique.

They’ve commonly been worn a considerable measure before you ever get your hands on them, so there is constantly a danger of minor harm. You can protect against this by mentioning photographs of the watch and assessing them cautiously. Doing so ought to uncover any flaws.

Get the Box and Papers (If Possible)

Ideally, your buy will accompany the first box and papers. This implies notwithstanding the watch; you’ll get its bundling and the documentation that demonstrates its authenticity.

On the off chance that you buy a moderately new watch, you ought to get either of these. More established timepieces have a higher danger of not having both of them. At last, the crate and papers aren’t required, yet they are pleasant to have.

Purchase What You Like

This is a tip for all watch purchasers, and it unquestionably applies to acquire a utilized Omega. In the event that you adore the Seamaster or Speedmaster, you’re settling on a magnificent decision.

So, you don’t have to go with a major name model. An alternate timepiece may address you, and you ought to pick whichever you like best. The beneficial thing about Omega is that they are an outstanding brand, and any watch you purchase from them should dazzle.

Make the most of Your New Watch!

When you get your Omega via the post office, the time has come to begin getting a charge out of it. Some of you will make it your regular watch, while others will stay quiet about it and just bring it out for exceptional events.

Anyway, you intend to utilize it, I ask that you appreciate it. Gathering timepieces is one of the most agreeable pastimes on the planet and buying utilized Omega watches is an incredible method to investigate it.

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