7 Tips to Help You Become an Interior Designer

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So, you have a dream of becoming an interior designer because you want to join one of the top interior design firms in Malaysia. That is a big dream and one that is fraught with trials and tribulations.

Even if your journey if going to be a challenging one, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that can help ease the road to becoming an interior designer.

If you want to pursue this particular profession, read further to find out some helpful tips.

Believe in Yourself

There is a saying that I always live by and that is “if you do not believe in yourself, who will?” That quote stuck to me and I’ve been living my life always believing in myself. Look, becoming an interior designer is filled with a lot of challenges. Mostly creative, but you should also be prepared for other aspects that might come into play as well.

Start Learning More Math

A lot of people assume that interior design is all about creativity and learning to choose different things for use in homes and offices, but that is only one part of the equation. You must also learn some math as well, especially those that pertain to scaling and measurements.

Learn more about geometry, trigonometry, and basic algebra. Do not worry, all of these subjects will be given to you when you take formal education.

Enroll in an Internship Program

After you’ve learned all of the concepts that you need to become an interior designer, it is now time to put your knowledge to the test. Consider enrolling in an internship program to help you gain some much-needed experience. Most of the time, you will work in a group which is great as it will help broaden your experience and so that you can hone your interpersonal skills as well.

Learn Not to Blow the Budget

There is a common problem among new interior designers is that they often look for the most ideal and not the most practical. Because of this, they tend to blow their given budget almost all of the time.

Remember that when you deal with actual customers, you are going to work with a certain budget. Make sure that you know how to do some research to find the best deals that are apt for the budget given to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Interior design is all about coming up with creative solutions to problems that concern home and office makeovers.

Do not be afraid to be creative. I understand that you should follow whatever the budget that your client gave you but be creative enough to come up with suitable solutions to the problem at hand.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

In your creative pursuit for greatness, you tend to be thinking about making things as perfect as they can be. However, doing so will not only make you lose a lot of money, but you are surely going to waste a lot of time as well.

Being a perfectionist might be okay in theory, but in practice, you are better off coming up with practical (and yet still creative) solutions.

Know Your Clients to Get Some Inspiration

You really need not look anywhere else for inspiration. Experienced interior designers will just come up with solutions just based on the things that they’ve learned from their clients.

Listen to what they have to say, what they want to be done, and the things that they want in their space so that you can think about solving the problem at hand.

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Five Architectural Trends in Indoor/Outdoor Living


The beginning of summer implies the start of open-air living. In any case, that doesn’t mean you can’t carry on with the outside life throughout the entire year. As indicated by honor winning modeler, Kobi Karp, author and essential of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, one of the greatest patterns in architecture firms right currently is obscuring the lines among indoor and outside living.

Karp is known for planning a portion of Miami’s most eminent structures including One Hotel Miami Beach and The Surf Club Four Seasons just as the Floating Frames House among other private and business ventures. His way of thinking is that the house is a declaration of the individual, both inside and outside.

“These open-air spaces make a domain that is progressively sound, more zen, all the more consistent with our temperament as individuals and feel distinctive at dawn and dusk. We react to occasional changes, feel increasingly human outside and progressively happy with having our genuine talks in these spaces, particularly when the climate is obliging.”

For those structure new homes or notwithstanding remodeling existing ones, he recommends, regardless of anything else, doing everything conceivable to include increasingly regular light in. At that point consider what highlights address your way of life the most.

“Settle on decisions for the outside living that make you adore your home significantly more and make esteem,” he says. “An open-air kitchen probably won’t be for you in the event that you don’t prefer to cook. In this way, pick a housetop porch. Pick what is directly for you.”

Here are five indoor/open-air living patterns to consider for your home.

Housetops Are the New Backyards

Using housetop space has gone from inns and eateries to private. This is an extraordinary thought for homes based on a little impression, water or simply arranged on uneven land that may too huge a venture or expensive to work out.

Be that as it may, Karp includes, regardless of whether the lawn is enormous enough to oblige your needs, a considerable lot of his customers are using their rooftops since it’s an additional extravagance.

A delightfully outfitted porch is a fundamental form; however, he sees numerous property holders redesigning the space by introducing hot tubs and even pools. In any case, it’s important introducing a housetop pool can accompany its very own arrangement of difficulties. It’s essential to locate the most cost-proficient structure so it doesn’t tumble to the floor beneath. “The most ideal approach to add a housetop pool to a house is to locate the current sections or bolster shafts and plan the pool to fit the current auxiliary matrix and follow it. This is a lot simpler than it appears,” Karp clarifies.

Summer Kitchens Add Luxury

Open-air kitchens are the absolute most helpful remodels and as per Karp, savvy speculation. “Making a space that is well beyond the fundamental necessities of a house is the best venture.

Kitchens, washrooms, rooms are essential in all homes, yet an outside kitchen that can be a multi-reason, multi-work, and multi-season open-air living space is genuinely mindful speculation,” he says.

Another motivation to assemble an open-air kitchen is that, dissimilar to including a pool, it doesn’t really require a lot of areas. A ledge, flame broil, sink and maybe an under-the-counter fridge is extremely all that is required.

Cooking outside can likewise help save money on vitality bills throughout the late spring months since it enables the home to keep up its temperature, as opposed to warming up from indoor cooking.

Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

While Japanese style restrooms have been a noteworthy pattern in architecture, indoor/open-air main washrooms are additionally coming into predominance. It’s straightforward why. They are an extra method to use space and increase the value of the home.

There are a few sorts of indoor/open-air restrooms. An outside shower is exemplary. It’s likewise moderately reasonable for both for new forms and existing homes. Open air tubs are another pattern, though not as handy as a shower may be.

Washroom sundecks are additionally getting on in hotter atmospheres. Simply open the entryways and let the outside air in. This likewise gives more security than different alternatives. The sundeck can likewise make a littler washroom feel increasingly extensive.

Gaming Goes Outside

Gaming territories are a superb element for family homes and give an interesting foundation for engaging. As far as style, enormous open-air chess sets and putting greens are the most refined. Be that as it may, for reasonableness, mortgage holders should put more thought into what exercises their family will appreciate most. Checkers, bocce courts, and even cornhole are different alternatives.

Rethinking Boundaries

Rethinking indoor and outside limits raise an open idea floorplan, taking it to another dimension. Sliding glass entryways take into account consistent progress between the spaces. Karp says this is accomplished by extending bolster segments to their broadest point, so the sections aren’t separated by an inside divider, permitting passage dividers to be made of glass.This gives homes open and perfect perspectives.

“Mix the outside spaces with indoor spaces through a huge scope of warm proficient sun oriented intelligent glass dividers, entryways, and windows that can be opened or shut contingent upon the season,” says Karp.

The engineer is additionally an advocate of any remodels that acquire common light. “Nothing makes a superior effect or more splendid space than making a huge, floor-to-roof glass divider to the outside, he says.

“On the off chance that you can’t include a divider, I recommend including a broad glass bay window with stairs that lead you to your rooftop to appreciate nature as regularly as possible. We as a whole live in 3D shapes each day. The more regular light you can include changes the three-dimensional response to your condition.”

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