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Amazing Tips for Subscription-Based Apps


Just last year, Apple held a closed-door meeting with select app developers. What they’ve discussed is the issue regarding their payment models.

You see, for quite some time, app developers have used the one-time payment model wherein people will just buy the app by paying only once. For example, you could buy a certain application for, say, $15 and it is yours for life (or until the development stops).

Although this is a good thing for us consumers, it is detrimental to the application developer. You see, to continually improve and maintain the app, they require money and resources and continually using the old payment scheme will just not help them in the long run.

So, Apple is encouraging them to apply a subscription-based model instead. Given that some companies are already making use of the new scheme, how do you, as an app developer, make sure that the subscription-based payment model will work for you? Here are some tips:

Give Customers Good Value

Money does not grow on trees and if people are getting a subscription-based app, it has to deliver the goods.

Now, suppose that you offer a streaming app using the new subscription-based model, how are you going to stand out given that there are plenty of options out there; some of which are free?

Well, you have to give customers good value for their money. You have to make them feel that the money they’ve spent is worth it.

For example, if you offer a streaming service, you could implement push notifications about the latest and greatest movies. You could also suggest movies that a user would want basing on their viewing habits, etc.

Furthermore, your app has to be up to date to take advantage of the latest advancements in both the iOS and Android platforms as well.

Establish Great Support Lines

If your app is not free, you have to make sure that it is absolutely stable. Although there might be some lapses in the coding of the application, you have to keep it at the bare minimum.

Furthermore, continuous updates and support should be of utmost importance because no one wants a buggy app that is prone to crashes, right?

Test your app frequently to ensure that bugs (if any) are seen and corrected.

Provide Good Customer Service

Now, there will be instances where customers have problems and/or queries regarding your app. Make sure to provide them with good customer service by allowing them to contact your company if they found problems when using your application.

Moreover, when they’ve sent you emails regarding the hitch, you have to respond to them as soon as possible.

Also, since you’re using a subscription-based model from now on, give them the option to opt out if they want to so that they won’t feel forced or anything if they are not happy with the service anymore.


Since more and more app developers are adopting a new payment scheme, it is important now more than ever to make sure that the app provides good quality, value, and service to the customers.

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