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Wedding Checklist: A Short Guide

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With the help of a wedding and party planner in Malaysia, you can start the preparation process
right after you and the love of your life get engaged.
– Plan the wedding guest list. How many guests are you planning to invite? Your decision
will impact your choice of venue.
– Choose potential wedding date. Double check them to avoid clashes.
– Discuss wedding ideas with your future spouse.
– Set a budget.
– Research on potential ceremony and venue locations.
– If you want, you can organize an engagement party.

A Year Before The Wedding

Book photographer and videographer.
– Book a venue stylist and wedding planner.
– Contemplate on the kind of wedding dress you want to wear.
– Send out save-the-date cards.
– If possible, enlist the help of friends and family members when it comes to wedding cake,
flowers and more.
– Book a ceremony and reception location.
– Look into potential wedding suppliers and services, from the florist, photographer and
cake to invitations, decorations, hair, makeup and music.
– Look into wedding insurance options.
– Figure out what kind of entertainment you want for your special day.

2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding

– Purchase wedding accessories, shoes, bowties, hairpieces and more.
– Finalize the outfits of page boys and flower girls.
– It’s time to have a menu tasting with your caterer or venue.
– Send the invitations to your guests.
– Attend wedding dress fittings.
– Order wedding rings.
– Organize your gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents, and to your husband-to-be.

1 Week Before the Wedding

– Get a massage, manicure, massage and waxing session.
– Do a full wedding dress rehearsal, from the underwear to your wedding veil.
– Pack your overnight bag for the reception.
– Pack for your honeymoon.
– Give your wedding coordinator a list of requests, like a table set ups and other reminders.
– Print the place cards.
– Call the wedding suppliers in order to confirm the arrangements. Make a timeline for the

A Day Before the Wedding

– Make sure that the wedding cake will be delivered promptly to the venue.
– Rehearse the wedding ceremony.
– Drop off table cards, place cards, favors, menus and table plans to the reception
– Give the wedding professionals emergency phone numbers they can reach out to on the
wedding day itself.
– Get a good night’s rest.

Your Wedding Day!

– Give the wedding bands to the best man, so he can hold it during the ceremony.
– Give the gifts for the parents to the bridesmaid and best man after the speeches.
– Flowers must be delivered to where the bride is preparing.
– Give the best man the officiant’s fee envelope. This will be given after the wedding
– Introduce your wedding planner to the reception coordinator.

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7 Reasons Why Architects Matter


1. Architects balance many intelligences.

For others, being an architect is just a job and a liability. At the end of the day, architects utilize their faculties and skills to document and design, including spatial intelligence.

2. Architects care.

Architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia are passionate about their jobs. They naturally emphasize with their clients, and with everything that is around them. These professionals operate based on their empathy genes.

3. Architects are certified optimists.

Can you imagine a world full of pessimist architects, interior designers and decorators? That is like planning ugly, bad structures.

4. Architects are good strategists.

Architecture is both a science and an art. They use their technical and creative skills to get the work done.

5. Architects work in accordance to systems, not just random things.

For architects, every little thing in this world is connected, interrelated and causal. They design all the spaces around them just like how they design things within themselves. They are dedicated to helping others see the important things.

6. Architects love designing outdoor spaces.

Architects design “outdoor rooms.” They help each and every one of us live comfortably in their own surroundings.

7. Architects are well-educated.

Architects are qualified to lead and train teams to accomplish the job. They are licensed to protect the welfare, safety and health of all the people who work in a project.

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