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7 Tips to Help You Become an Interior Designer

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So, you have a dream of becoming an interior designer because you want to join one of
the top interior design firms in Malaysia. That is a big dream and one that is fraught with
trials and tribulations.
Even if your journey if going to be a challenging one, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t
anything that can help ease the road to becoming an interior designer.

If you want to pursue this particular profession, read further to find out some helpful tips.
class-/Believe in Yourself

There is a saying that I always live by and that is “if you do not believe in yourself, who
will?” That quote stuck to me and I’ve been living my life always believing in myself.
Look, becoming an interior designer is filled with a lot of challenges. Mostly creative, but
you should also be prepared for other aspects that might come into play as well.

Start Learning More Math

A lot of people assume that interior design is all about creativity and learning to choose
different things for use in homes and offices, but that is only one part of the equation.
You must also learn some math as well, especially those that pertain to scaling and
Learn more about geometry, trigonometry, and basic algebra. Do not worry, all of these
subjects will be given to you when you take formal education.

Enroll in an Internship Program

After you’ve learned all of the concepts that you need to become an interior designer, it
is now time to put your knowledge to the test.
Consider enrolling in an internship program to help you gain some much-needed
experience. Most of the time, you will work in a group which is great as it will help
broaden your experience and so that you can hone your interpersonal skills as well.

Learn Not to Blow the Budget

There is a common problem among new interior designers is that they often look for the
most ideal and not the most practical. Because of this, they tend to blow their given
budget almost all of the time.

Remember that when you deal with actual customers, you are going to work with a
certain budget. Make sure that you know how to do some research to find the best
deals that are apt for the budget given to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Interior design is all about coming up with creative solutions to problems that concern
home and office makeovers.

Do not be afraid to be creative. I understand that you should follow whatever the budget
that your client gave you but be creative enough to come up with suitable solutions to the problem at hand.

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

In your creative pursuit for greatness, you tend to be thinking about making things as
perfect as they can be. However, doing so will not only make you lose a lot of money,
but you are surely going to waste a lot of time as well.

Being a perfectionist might be okay in theory, but in practice, you are better off coming
up with practical (and yet still creative) solutions.

Know Your Clients to Get Some Inspiration

You really need not look anywhere else for inspiration. Experienced interior designers
will just come up with solutions just based on the things that they’ve learned from their clients.

Listen to what they have to say, what they want to be done, and the things that they
want in their space so that you can think about solving the problem at hand.

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5 Likely Foods that Will Increase Libido

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Men and women have different sex drives and both of them can be affected by different
factors. For instance, women tend to lean on their hormonal balance (or imbalance
when talking about their menstruation) above anything else.

Men are different in the sense that their libido can be affected by underlying medical
conditions such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, among many others.

Although there are certainly a lot of things that can affect a man’s sex drive, there are
some supplements for men that are guaranteed to help them get by.

For those of you that opt to eat foods instead, here are some likely foods that will help
increase your libido, priming yourself for sex.

Black Raspberries

The seeds that you can eat from black raspberries, according to Dr. Brian Clement and
Dr. Anna Maria of the Hippocrates Health Institute, are known to enhance your mood
and increase your libido.

That is thanks to its rich phytochemical content that can also help improve a man’s
sexual endurance as well.

You can add berries to your diet as they can be pretty good as a snack option. You can
also add them to your smoothies if you prefer to consume them that way.


According to a registered dietitian, Keri Glassman, broccoli is rich in nutrients that can
improve your overall health. It is a rich source of iron and vitamin C which are known to
help improve a person’s libido by improving blood flow and circulation throughout their
entire body.

Aside from that, broccoli can be a great protein alternative, so vegetarians out there,
you can ditch animal-based protein for this one instead.


Glassman said that Indian males use cloves as a means to treat erectile dysfunction.
That is seconded by research that was published by the Journal BMC Complementary
and Alternative Medicine.

You see, clove extracts contain agents that are known to help increase sexual activity in
both men and women.


Considered to be one of the most inexpensive proteins out there, eggs are great
because it can help improve your sexual stamina thanks to its rich protein and amino
acid profile.

Speaking of amino acids, it contains L-arginine which is known to help improve blood
circulation in a person’s body.

But, what is really nice about eggs is that you can serve or use them in so many ways.
You can either have it scrambled, fried, poached, deviled, or added to your favorite
foods and you will still receive the same benefits.

Eating two whole eggs a day is okay, so go ahead and gorge on these cheap proteins.


There is a reason why traditional Chinese medicine would always utilize ginseng and
that is because this herb is known to treat a lot of ailments, including erectile

But, aside from treating what ails a man, researchers at the University of Hawaii have
also found Panax ginseng to increase libido in women by as much as 68%.

Now, using the actual herb may not be feasible as it may not be available in some
areas. If that is the case, then you can use a ginseng supplement instead.

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