A Watch Buying Guide for Beginners

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There are many advantages to wearing a watch than relying on your phone to tell the time. For one, it not only acts as a timekeeping piece but it also compliments what you are wearing as well. Two, it is discreet, so you won’t disturb anyone if you just glance at your wrist to know what time it is. That and a whole lot more are the reasons why you should still wear a wristwatch to this day.

So, you decide to buy a watch for your own and you go to the watch store only to be bombarded with a lot of different watches. From automatic watches to sports watches and those that have simpler designs, a neophyte watch owner may not be able to make a decision as to which one to choose.

If you do not know which one is best for you, read further to know more about how to choose the right watch for you.

When Choosing a Watch

There are plenty of different watches out there. There are those that have a simple design, there are those with different watch complications or features that are embedded over its simple timekeeping piece, and there are also those that are fit for a specific gender.

But, as the lines are getting blurred when it comes to gender-appropriate watches, more and more people are buying them based on how they look. For instance, some women are now wearing oversized watches and some men prefer those that have a relatively smaller display compared to what men are usually wearing.

Because you can easily get bombarded with a lot of different options, the best way for you to choose a watch would be to satisfy a certain set of needs. Are you buying a watch to help compliment what you are wearing? Are you buying one for a specific use-case such as diving, racing, running, etc.? Do you prefer certain types of materials, such as a leather watch strap or a metallic wrist band?

Answering these questions would immediately narrow down your options to a considerable degree. Of course, with all of those things being considered, you also have to factor in the price as well.

Different Types

To help you make a decision about what type of watch to buy, I am going to outline some of the most popular types that you can find on the market today.

1. Dive watch

A popular ‘tool’ watch, the dive (or divers) watch is a timepiece that is quite important for divers. This is to help them know how much time they’ve spent underwater and the watch itself is made to withstand the great depths of the ocean.

Its main feature is a rotating bezel that divers can manipulate to help them discern how much time they are submerged and when it is time for them to move back up to the surface.

Although it is a watch that is mostly preferred by divers, some divers watches are made in such a way that it looks dashing even if you are wearing a formal suit. Take a look at the Rolex Submariner, for example.

2. Field Watch

The field watch is a sturdy watch that was invented during the first world war. Soldiers mainly used a pocket watch to tell the time but because of the harsh conditions of the battlefield, using such a timepiece is not only cumbersome but also impractical as well.

So, members of the army had to create makeshift lugs to help keep the pocket watch strapped on their wrists. After the war has ended, these soldiers would keep wearing their customized pocket watches and watchmaking companies took it as inspiration to create field watches.

These watches are durable and are perfect for people who live a more rugged lifestyle. They usually come in analog watch designs and are water-resistant. They either come in NATO straps but there are also other watch straps that you can use as well.

3. Dress Watch

A dress watch is specifically made for more formal events. They are usually subdued in its design and they usually do not have watch complications that you can see on other types of watches.

A dress watch like the Cartier Tank, for example, is a great display of social status and wealth. Not to mention, it is a great accessory to have if you frequently go to galas and business meetings.

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