7 Reasons Why Architects Matter


1. Architects balance many intelligences.

For others, being an architect is just a job and a liability. At the end of the day, architects utilize their faculties and skills to document and design, including spatial intelligence.

2. Architects care.

Architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia are passionate about their jobs. They naturally emphasize with their clients, and with everything that is around them. These professionals operate based on their empathy genes.

3. Architects are certified optimists.

Can you imagine a world full of pessimist architects, interior designers and decorators? That is like planning ugly, bad structures.

4. Architects are good strategists.

Architecture is both a science and an art. They use their technical and creative skills to get the work done.

5. Architects work in accordance to systems, not just random things.

For architects, every little thing in this world is connected, interrelated and causal. They design all the spaces around them just like how they design things within themselves. They are dedicated to helping others see the important things.

6. Architects love designing outdoor spaces.

Architects design “outdoor rooms.” They help each and every one of us live comfortably in their own surroundings.

7. Architects are well-educated.

Architects are qualified to lead and train teams to accomplish the job. They are licensed to protect the welfare, safety and health of all the people who work in a project.

Pamela Stevens

The author Pamela Stevens