5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Bloggers to Help Increase Your Income

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Affiliate marketing presents both the content creators (affiliates) and companies/partner
merchants with a win-win scenario. It is a win for companies because their products can
be passively promoted by content creators and it is a win for affiliates since they can
gain commissions by doing what they love and just using special trackable links in the process.

Most affiliate marketers use a blog as their main platform of choice simply because it is
quite easy to create and you can pretty much have a lot of freedom when it comes to
choosing content.

That being said, what affiliate marketing strategies do you need to employ in order for
you to increase your income? Read on to find out.

Find the Right Affiliate Programs

The first thing that you need to do to effectively increase your income is to join the right
affiliate programs. By ‘right’ affiliate programs, I mean those companies that provide
relevant products to what the theme of your content is.

I personally write about all things tech and I usually enroll in affiliate programs that sell
pretty much anything technology-related out there.

I mostly write content about computer components, peripherals, smartphones,
smartphone peripherals, software, and many more.

I highly encourage you to start enrolling in the right affiliate programs to make things so
much easier for you.

Find Ways to Incorporate Your Affiliate Links Naturally

I’ve come across a lot of affiliate marketers who do not have a lot of success in this
industry. And, all of those who failed actually have one thing in common: they add
affiliate links just for the sake of it.

The thing that you have to remember here is that your affiliate links should be anchored
in the appropriate texts and they should be added in a way that comes naturally.

People can easily spot if something is amiss so you will have to use your own creativity
to incorporate all of your affiliate links in your blog posts in the most natural way

Build Your Email List and Utilize It

So long as you are creating high-quality content, you can expect people to go to your
website often. But, that should not only be your main approach to promoting your
affiliate links.

You have to establish your own email list and make sure that you utilize it by sending
timely emails that also promote some of your affiliate links as well.

The way I do it is that I talk about certain products over the course of the week and on
Sundays, I send a more personalized email to my subscribers. By ‘personalized’, I
mean that I share my thoughts and experiences about certain products and I also add
affiliate links whenever possible as well.

Use Social Media

Influencer marketing has certainly enjoyed a lot of success recently, but you do not
have to be an influencer to harness the power of social media. In fact, all you really
need to have is a well-established social media profile and promote your affiliate links
there in the best way you can.

I highly recommend that you talk to your partner merchant and set up exclusive timely
offers. That way, you can entice people to click on the link without actually forcing them
to do so.

Round-Up Your Best Partners and Use Them on Your Resource Page

Every blog should have a resource page that highlights some of your best content. You
can know all about your best content by utilizing the analytics feature of your blog.

Having said that, look at your best partners and use them on your resources page. This
is another clever way of adding affiliate links without being too ‘in your face’.

Pamela Stevens

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