4 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Replacement Watch Strap

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Whether you are wearing an analog watch or a quartz watch, there are times where you want to just replace its default strap in favor of ones that you really like to wear.

For instance, I am always a fan of Nato straps because they come in different designs and they are washable. However, you might like leather straps because you want to use your watch in a formal event or you may want to replace them with resin bands if you are a more active individual.

Whatever the case may be, you may want to change the default strap that the watch you bought comes with. So today, I am going to help you choose the perfect replacement strap for your watch by giving you some helpful tips.

Look at the Lugs

For the most part, watch manufacturers would provide useful information about the dimensions of the watch on their website so you can just refer to their webpage to find such information.

However, if they do not give you some accurate information regarding the size of the watch lugs, then you may have to do the manual measurements yourself.
For those of you who do not know, watch lugs are those that help attach the strap together on your watch. You want a strap that fits perfectly and they usually are measured in millimeters.

Most regular-sized men’s watches typically have a 22mm watch lug, but there are also some that go as high as 26 or as low as 18mm. Again, you want to get the accurate measurements so that you will know what to tell the watch store.

Get the Right Tools

There are some watches that do not require you to use any tools to remove the default watch strap. However, most of the watches in the market do have some screws and springs and you will need to get the right tools for the job.

One of the main tools that you will need is a spring bar tool. It helps you take off the default strap much more easily without the use of any dangerous tools such as a knife or a screwdriver.

If you find that, after using the spring bar tool, that you are actually missing some screws, do not worry as you can find them easily online. In fact, there are some companies that would even provide you with some extras free of charge.

Check It Out

In most cases, the watch strap that you are buying already comes with its own buckle. However, there are also some instances where you have to buy the buckle separately. If you experience the latter, you should always buy a buckle that complements your watch.

For instance, if you have a black watch, a colorful buckle might not suit it really well. Instead, go for a more contrasting, monotone color like stainless steel or platinum.

Examine the Material

Although the convenience of having the internet would allow you to purchase just about anything online, it is still important that you buy from a trusted retailer. That is because I’ve heard countless issues where people who have ordered a watch strap using a particular material is actually not that material, but was made in such a way that kind of looks like what they want.

A good consumer is one that always looks out for reviews to find out if a certain watch retailer is legitimate or not.

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