10 Etiquettes to Follow When Using Social Media for Business

There are a hundred ways you can use social media the wrong way. They might be small mistakes but they could create a huge impact on your personal life and even in your social media business. To keep these mistakes from happening, apply these social media etiquettes:

1.Separate business and pleasure.

Your personal issues should not be mixed with your business concerns. To give you an example, don’t share to your friends on social media that you were a candidate for a promotion unless your boss has given you a go signal to do so.

2.Be careful in posting photos.

Just the same way that we don’t want anyone to tag us in candid photos, we also have to be cautious when tagging people in certain photos. For business-focused platforms, including LinkedIn, it matters that your profile photo also looks decent.

3.Don’t be self-centric all the way.

It’s your wall and you might think it’s nobody’s business to tell you what you want to post. It’s not bad to talk about you. But people might interpret it as being self-centered if you do it all the time. At least post about something that was written by someone else, that will provide value for everyone.

4.Be cautious when incorporating sense of humor in your posts.

Remember that your sense of humor is not the same as everyone else. Your post could reach so many people other than your family and friends, so be careful when joking around.

5.Don’t express your frustrations on social media.

When you use your Facebook or your Twitter account for hashing things out, people might view you as a hotheaded type of person. That could definitely affect your image especially when your colleagues see your posts.

6.Don’t share all the things about your life.

Do you want to know the easiest way to lose followers? Post how awesome your dinner was every single day! Over-sharing, especially of irrelevant posts could also have a slight impact on you as a person and also as a brand.

7.Protect your reputation online.

Did you know that many people were not granted their scholarships and failed to get the job of their dreams because of their poor social media accounts? Make sure your accounts will not affect your chances of pursuing the things you are dreaming for yourself.

8.Don’t be someone who you are not.

Inventing things about yourself to have a better reputation is a big no-no in social media. Don’t give yourself the credit for something that other people worked for.

9.Resist the temptation to vent out on your Facebook or Twitter.

Is there anything worse than being drunk and expressing your negative thoughts on social media? The next thing you know, people are already texting you or calling you about that status update. So when you feel like you are going to say something that you will regret in the future, stop yourself.

10.Learn about the best practices for each platform.

Before you decide to go active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, read some information about the best practices in using them. Remember that each platform is unique and you might need to have a different approach for each of them.

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